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About Dark Vanilla

We are a small team of two people coming from different backgrounds, from two different countries, we both joined our efforts to create this beautiful brand Dark Vanilla. We started this adventure very recently. I hope you will like our products and that you will be ready to buy them, vintage or avant-garde sunglasses but also to discover many others.

We sell products (sunglasses, eyeglasses and, in the near future clothing and accessories…) of the current fashion trend from different countries. If you want to know more about us and our brand, go to this dedicated page, here.



Discover all our sunglasses in this category. Find your happiness on our selection just for you!

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Homepage Dark Vanilla

Dark Vanilla Styles

Discover on these pages all the Dark Vanilla Vintage sunglasses, Rectangular sunglasses, Avant-Garde sunglasses and our Square sunglasses. For summer, fall, spring and even winter, you will find your favorite.

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Dark Vanilla Color

Dark Vanilla color has the hex code #D5C68D. The corresponding RGB values are (213, 198, 141), which means that it is 39% red, 36% green, and 26% blue…

How to trend forecast

When you walk into a shop, you can usually tell what colors, patterns and styles are popular right now. But designers need to be careful. So, how to trend forecast…

Why are sunglasses so important

Today, brands are evolving in a complex world with major shifts in technology, materials, design concepts…

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