Polarized vs. Non-polarized sunglasses

What exactly does “polarized” mean? And what are the advantages of polarized and non-polarized sunglasses? Can non-polarized lenses actually protect your eyes? These are questions we all ask ourselves before we spend money on new sunglasses or before we choose replacement lenses for our favorite sunglasses. We’ll start with the most important basics, with Dark Vanilla.

What are polarized lenses?

What is the difference between polarized and non-polarized sunglasses?

A polarizing lens is a lens designed to reduce reflections or glare from bright surfaces. We apply a polarizing film to the outside of the lens, which is made by a very fine chemical process and helps filter light. The chemical molecules in the film line up to actively block some of the light that enters and passes through the lens. Much like curtains on windows do. When you close the lens flaps a little, only some of the light gets through. This is the basic principle of how polarising lenses work.

In the case of sunglasses, this means that they filter out ambient light and counteract glare. Technically, the filter creates vertical openings for light to pass through. Only light that is directed vertically towards your eyes can pass through these openings. The polarising lens therefore blocks all horizontal light waves, including glare. Which is caused by light reflecting off flat surfaces such as a window, an icy surface or a car bonnet. This makes it less susceptible to glare, safer for you, and less irritating and stressful on your eyes, such as when driving.

What is the difference between polarized and non-polarized sunglasses?

What is the difference between polarized and non-polarized sunglasses?

To clarify the difference between polarized and non-polarized lenses, we need to look at the options for non-polarized lenses. Simply put, non-polarized lenses only provide protection from light; they do not contain filters to eliminate surface glare. Yes, they protect your eyes from sunlight. Its associated damage-this protection is called UV protection and is different from polarized protection in every case. But unlike polarized lenses, which, as mentioned above, are designed to reduce glare. They still let glare or ambient light through.

You might think that non-polarization brings no benefits, but in fact both methods have their advantages. Before you buy replacement lenses, let us show you what the benefits of polarized and regular sunglasses are so you can make an informed decision. Let’s take a closer look…

Advantages of polarized lenses

As you can imagine, the advantages of polarised lenses are numerous. They reduce eye strain, improve clarity of vision and eliminate glare, which means your eyes will be more comfortable. Polarized lenses have all of these advantages over non-polarized lenses when repairing scratched sunglasses. Although polarization as a process makes a pair of lenses a bit more expensive. It’s also true that you get what you pay for, and sometimes it’s definitely worth spending a few extra dollars. Especially when it has so many tangible benefits. Money isn’t everything, especially when it comes to the health of your cornea, the quality of your vision, and the strain you’re putting on your sensitive eye muscles.

In many cases, reducing glare can also make you safer in activities such as driving a car, as the reflected light from your windshield or bumper won’t suddenly blind you. In some cases, however, it may be preferable to choose non-polarized glasses – or to put away your polarized sunglasses.

Advantages of non-polarized lenses

Non-polarized sunglasses have several advantages that are worth considering before choosing new sunglasses. Firstly, regular non-polarised lenses can sometimes be more resistant to wear and tear than modified lenses, although this depends on whether they outweigh the benefits mentioned in the previous section.

It has also been found that non-polarized sunglasses can make white shades more true to their intended color, if this is an issue for you. The advantage of this type of lens is that it makes it easier to view LCD (liquid crystal display) screens. If you are using an LCD screen, maybe you shouldn’t wear sunglasses, which would be our argument! However, anything that has an LCD display, such as your car, probably uses sunglasses. However, if your lenses are polarized, this will affect any LCD display, such as car dashboard controls, mobile phone displays, LCD watches and information displayed on ATM machines. For example, pilots don’t wear polarized sunglasses because they could cause their gauges to be dark. That said, in these situations, non-polarized ones are most preferred.

In some situations, more glare or light may also be an advantage, so non-polarized lenses are a better choice. When driving, non-polarized glasses are better for seeing ice on the road if conditions are icy (which is also true when skiing) – as polarized lenses reduce glare and make it harder to spot ice.

Do non-polarised lenses protect your eyes?

Advantages of non-polarized lenses

We have to be a little picky to give an answer to this question. The fact is that both polarized and non-polarized lenses will protect your eyes if – and that’s a big “if” – they are made to protect against UV rays. The key question is whether they protect your eyes from UV rays, not “polarized or non-polarized sunglasses.” Polarizing and non-polarizing lenses, if they are labeled “UV blocking“, protect your eyes from UV rays. If they are not so labeled, it doesn’t matter if they are polarized or not. They do not protect your eyes from UV radiation.

All Sunglass Fix lenses provide 100% UV protection… even if they are untinted, clear, non-polarized lenses. Read our article on Why are sunglasses so important?

Can scratches on sunglasses with polarized lenses be repaired?

Yes! You can repair scratched or damaged sunglasses with any of our lens types. Simply decide which lenses are most useful and convenient for you and choose the right style. It’s as easy as 1-2-3, you just need to think about where you’ll be wearing your rejuvenating sunglasses and what you’ll be doing while you’re wearing them. Think it all through before you buy, and then have our sunglasses delivered straight to your door. Polarized lenses are cheaper than you’d think with Dark Vanilla, and we can seamlessly fit them perfectly to your favorite frames.

Which type of lens is better?

Polarized sunglasses are a tricky question compared to regular sunglasses. In our sunny world, both polarized and non-polarized sunglasses have their place! It depends on your own needs, what the shades will shield you from, etc. For example, if you want to wear sunglasses when doing water sports, polarized lenses are the best choice to prevent glare from refracted light coming in from the water. If you are going skiing and need to be able to see the terrain as well as the ice; perhaps non-polarized glasses would be best.

Whatever you choose, make sure you choose as much as possible within your budget. And make sure you choose the highest quality lenses. Wearers should be wearing sunglasses, not the other way around, so choose wisely and pick what fits you best—now you know the difference! Discover Why is trend forecasting important in fashion? and How to trend forecast? after reading this article.

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