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Young dreamers

Dark Vanilla is the bet of two young people who want to combine high fashion with everyday life. It is a delicious combination between fashion, culture and minimalism. Combining lifestyle and fashion, the young brand wants to conquer the whole world like Europe, Latin America, Asia and North America.

From different backgrounds, we met on a small island. We matched and today we launched this small store and make you discover the fashion of the whole world. To learn more about us, visit our social networks.

Dark Vanilla

Dark Vanilla boutique is to help people project and develop their own style that always seeks to stand out. And be your own artistic project.

Always looking to offer exclusive and trendy clothing. Dark Vanilla seeks to show trends for all ages, all body types and personalities.

Thanks to our avant-garde concept, we do not hesitate to make our mark in the inspiring fashion culture.

We advocate the urban and chic signature through different designs. Aesthetics from different countries that are always innovative. European, Latin American, Asian, fluorescent or colorful.

All Dark Vanilla’s themes are signed with a modern edge inspired by music, sports, trends and current events. Indeed, Dark Vanilla aims to become a reference in current fashion.


Making fashion accessible to all.

Making fashion accessible to all. Making fashion accessible to all, no matter what your budget, your body type or your style: that’s our raison d’être. That’s why we strive to expand our catalog to offer you more brands, in more sizes!

Becoming a global brand but close to people

Dark Vanilla aims to make its brand global by opening stores all over the world. But while remaining close to the people, humanly. In the meantime, you can order on our online store from almost every country in the world: Europe, Latin America, North America, Asia, Africa…

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